Camera man (Videomaker)
Working experience more than 10 years
State university of cinema and television , camera man
Second higher education (in progress)
Moscow state university of culture, film director
Higher education
Moscow Provicial College of Fine Arts, actor
Secondary special education
Perfect filming skills of FPV-video copter
Video editing (including multicamera editing)
Television livestreaming making
Videomaking (full process from idea to production)
Filmmaking (professional TV camera)

Light direction

Studio videomaking

Outdoor videomaking
TNT TV Channel, make over show «Perezagruzka», camera man
2020 - to present
«Russia» TV channel, projects
2015- to presen
More than 20 video ads

More than 10 music video for Russian singers

More than 5 documentaries
Filmmaking (professional TV camera)

Videomaking FPV-video copter

Studio videomaking

Outdoor videomaking

TNT TV Channel, reality show «Dom-2»
2012 - to present
TNT Television, projects
Russia Channel First
2013-to present
Director of photography
YouTube project where I also managed all postproduction and filmed like a general cameraman
Project for popular Russian streaming service Okko where I worked also like a second film director and general cameraman
B2B video show for marketing agency Sbermarketing was all made by me. I worked there also like a film director, cameraman, postproduction and general producer.
YouTube project was made by me from the beginning till the postproduction period
ELLO show
Evening show "Nochnoy contakt"
Advertising videos for ceramic Laparet where I worked like film director and general cameraman.
Some of my other advertising videos where I worked like a film director, general cameraman and postproduction producer
short videos
My duties there
Film director
Postproduction producer
Permanent camera man "Gde logika?"
"Tancy so zvezdami" Example
My new project "Ty kak ya" TNT channel
My permanent project "Sinaya ptitsya" Russia 24 TV Channel
My permanent project "Davay pozhenimsya"
Permanent filming Russian popular reality show "Dom-2" and all the extra video content for the show including music videoclips, trailers, talk shows, videos for social media.
"Improvizacya" Example
Livestreaming concerts
Russian singer Rem Digga
Russian singer Мот
Music video clips
I have high experience in television. Worked for a long time as a director of photography and cameraman. I know how to shoot on all types of cameras and copters. Working great with the stabilizer. I worked with light: dynamic and studio lighting. Filmed both: large projects and projects for YouTube. I know how to shoot on a sports copter, have an experience in sports and advertising filming. I have edited a lot of videos by Adobe Premier Pro, After Effect and others professional programs.
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